deography ; record
an uncontrolled documentary of a laptop's interrupted slumber and it's human custodian

1: Install <isightcapture> in /bin. (NOTE, website died.. here is the isightcapture1_1.dmg)
2: Edit <this shell script> for your website FTP details, place wherever you like (eg /bin) and chmod to 755
3: Install <sleepwatcher> and add full path to the shell script in .wakeup file in home directory.
4: Install <bolGallery> on your website.
5: Remember to wear pants when waking laptop from sleep.
6: Digg this article!

UPDATE - Well sleepwatcher has stopped working with 10.4.10 I think, no console logs, scripts still run fine themselves, so until Bernhard posts an update the experiment is over. Check out the time lapse vid here on you tube

shell script by dylan o'donnell - visit his photoblog at Thanks to TUAW & MacOSXHints for the feature!
Credit also to Axel Bauer for isightcapture, Bernhard Baehr for sleepwatcher and Nicolas d'Haussy for bolGallery.